“You tried. That’s a lot more than most people would do.”


“unduly pessimistic on depression?”

This article caught my eyes today.

The author suggested that there has been a lack of research on people who recover and thrive after depression.

“high functioning after depression” (HFAD)

Research often focuses on the negative impacts of depression, but if little is known about life after depression, how can we convince the public that there is hope?

If we know more about HFAD, we may have implications on those who thrive after other mental health disorders.

“It is part of the truth, which patients and the broader public are owed. It would be odd if an oncologist did not tell a cancer patient his or her chances of achieving lifetime remission. We submit that a depressed patient also deserves to know. The public deserves to know as well.”

It is difficult to know someone’s full story unless you follow them their whole life.

But if there is ever positivity after the negativity, it deserves to be shown. In fact, it should be studied in an equally scientific, comprehensive, and professional manner.

What happened after the depression?

How are they thriving?